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Business Travelers: Check it Out Before You Check In

used with permission from FTC Business Center Blog by Lesley Fair Here’s a tip for business travelers. Just because a webpage looks like the official site of your… Read More


13 Must-Take Steps to Combat Physical and Digital Theft While Traveling

used with permission from Microsoft for Work by Rieva Lesonsky Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure this summer, chances are that as a small business owner, you’ll… Read More


Creating a Calendar Event File in Outlook 2013

Have you ever signed up for an event and received a download link to “add this event to your Outlook calendar”? You can create your own! These files… Read More


How Serious is the End of Support for Windows Server 2003?

After so many warnings about the end of support Windows Server 2003 (and last year, end of support for Windows XP), it might be easy to think that… Read More


Why your company should be on a Hosted Phone Solution

Today’s companies are doing business on an all-new playing field. Workforces are more mobile than ever. Technologies are rapidly evolving. Economic uncertainty is driving a need to cut costs… Read More


Windows XP and Office 2003 – Support Ends April 8, 2014

You may be thinking, “What’s the big Deal? Just because Microsoft isn’t supporting it anymore doesn’t mean I can’t use it.”. Your right, you can, but… Running Windows… Read More