Why your company should be on a Hosted Phone Solution

Today’s companies are doing business on an all-new playing field. Workforces are more mobile than ever. Technologies are rapidly evolving. Economic uncertainty is driving a need to cut costs while boosting performan Consumers – well versed in social media and real-time communications – expect ready access to the companies they work with, and quick action.

These are trends businesses can’t ignore. Indeed, the companies that succeed will be the ones that best tackle and leverage – them, improving their accessibility, their productivity, and their customer service. Do it right and you gain a competitive advantage. But getting there will require rethinking some traditional notions of how companies and people work.

Case in point: voice communications. For a long time, on-premises systems – typically built around a company’s own private branch exchange, or PBX – served users well. But these systems were designed in a different era,for a different workforce. In the new business landscape, they can struggle to meet the needs – and support the opportunities – of today’s companies and employees. On-premises platforms that were state of the art five year ago are now showing their age, lacking cutting-edge features. Upgrades and maintenance can be complicated and costly – diverting resources from projects that are core to growing the business.

Also, many traditional voice systems weren’t designed for mobility. When employees hit the road, their office phones stayed put. Instead of getting an answer, customers and co-workers would often get voicemail.

A new way of doing business requires a new kind of business communications. That’s where hosted voice solutions come in. Operated, housed, and maintained by a service provider – instead of the company itself – hosted voice lets companies focus on their future, instead of their infrastructure. It replaces large upfront capital outlays with predictable monthly charges, and offers advantages of particular relevance in a business environment where mobility and availability are crucial. Employees can be reached via a single phone number no matter where they are – or what device they are using. Advanced features such as voicemail-to-email and mobile applications are possible. New offices and users can quickly be added to the system.

Easy to use, easy to scale, and easy to afford, hosted voice gives businesses a sophisticated phone system without the complexity – or the headaches.